LevelUp launch Connected Apps

Zuppler is integrating LevelUp.

LevelUp, a mobile payment network, has launched “connected apps,” a simple way for developers to connect to LevelUp’s payment ecosystem. Developers can now easily connect to LevelUp to take specific, authorized actions on behalf of LevelUp users, such as charging a payment, viewing transaction history or even pushing credit to user’s accounts. Just as apps connect with Facebook to access a built-in social layer, apps can connect with LevelUp to access a built-in payment and rewards layer.

An example of a connected app is online food ordering website Zuppler. Zuppler is integrating LevelUp as a method of login and payment directly into their website, so customers can pay for their online takeout orders using LevelUp.

Consumers simply enter their email address and receive a push notification and/or email right to their phone requesting “permission” to grant the app which will give the app the right to charge them. Once the consumer accepts, the payment goes through. All of the features of LevelUp will be available for both the consumer and the merchant, including loyalty accruing/redeeming rewards.

“We’re building a payment and rewards layer for the real world, making it incredibly simple for them to accept and process actions through LevelUp,” said Seth Priebatsch, LevelUp’s chief ninja. “The possibilities for LevelUp connected apps are limitless; basically any developer with some kind of transactional element can build a LevelUp connected app. A true payments layer and connected apps ecosystem makes the benefits of LevelUp accessible to way more businesses than ever before, ultimately making Levelup a much richer experience for consumers.”

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