WEX CorporatePay named Best Prepaid Innovation UK At The Emerging Payments and Prepaid Awards

Secure payment method that is globally accepted.

WEX CorporatePay, a provider of prepaid card programmes and solutions in the UK and Europe, was crowned Best Prepaid Innovation UK by Emerging Payments and Prepaid Awards on Tuesday 2nd October.

Emerging Payments and Prepaid Awards bring together a group of independent experts who either specialise in a particular field or who have experience and insight into different aspects of the industry. The judges look to see how the programme or product has been a success against the objectives, taking into account how it stands out from the rest of the market. 

WEX CorporatePay’s range of B2B payment solutions allows businesses to use virtual and physical prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards. The real time transaction provides the user with a secure payment method that is globally accepted. The cost-effective solution creates efficient payment flows and reconciliation, alleviating the burden on account management, administration and auditing. 

“We are very pleased to be recognised as Best Prepaid Innovation UK for our Virtual Prepaid Card Programme,” said Myles Stephenson, CEO of WEX CorporatePay. “It is an incredible honour to have been recognised as a top innovator in the prepaid market as we believe innovation is imperative to growth and success.  We maintain a strong focus on developing new and more efficient ways to provide our customers with the best services and programmes.  We hold high expectations of ourselves and will continue to improve and evolve our products.”

WEX CorporatePay’s virtual card services enable our clients to provide their suppliers with a streamlined way of receiving payment and reconciling their accounts much faster enabling our clients and their suppliers to increase efficiencies, cut costs and generate revenue for their businesses

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