Square businesses in Canada now accepting American Express payments

Accept credit card payments on their mobile device.

Square has announced that Canadian Square customers are now able to accept American Express and JCB credit card payments with Square. Small and mobile business owners who use Square can now process American Express, VISA, MasterCard and JCB payments for the low rate of 2.75 percent.

Square enables millions of businesses around the world to accept credit card payments on their mobile device ensuring local businesses needn’t ever miss a sale especially in Canada as More than one million small businesses in Canada and 2.7 million Canadians who are self employed.

In Canada, Square businesses are processing over USD 100 million in credit card payments. Jill Burk owns Health Span Inc., a Square business in Canada. “Since joining Square, we have increased our profitability. With Square our mobile massage therapists can collect money safely and transparently from our clients. Payments are processed on site, eliminating errors and the risk of not being able to collect a payment. That’s a big deal in my business.”

“Small businesses are a huge part of not only the Canadian economy, but the Canadian identity. We’ve been working hard to identify more ways to support small merchants, and American Express acceptance with Square is a great next step,” says Jennifer Hawkins, Vice President and General Manager of Merchant Services at American Express Canada. “We’re thrilled that our card members can now shop at more small merchants through Square and get the rewards they enjoy by using their American Express Cards.”

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