Barclaycard signs new agreement to process card payments in Europe for Digital River World Payments

Provide cost effective cross border online payments in Europe.

Barclaycard has announced that it has signed a new partnership agreement to provide full card acquiring services for Digital River World Payments. The agreement will expand Barclaycard’s routes into market and allow Digital River to increase the European credit and debit card processing capabilities.

Tens of thousands of companies of all sizes use Barclaycard and Digital River to make and take online payments every day. This agreement will simplify the process of taking card payments for many of these companies while trading in an increasingly growing global economy.

By using Barclaycard’s secure and efficient card processing platform, Digital River World Payments can further enhance its ability to provide cost effective cross border online payments in Europe.

“Digital River World Payments is a leading payment service provider and this new relationship reinforces Barclaycard’s strategy of working with key partners to deliver enhanced payment solutions to our customers, and enabling them to achieve their growth aspirations.” Marc Pettican, director of sales and account development at Barclaycard said.

“Working with a leading brand like Barclaycard enables us to deliver greater value to our customers as a single partner for transaction processing, settlement and reporting,” said Souheil Badran, Digital River’s senior vice president and general manager of Digital River World Payments. “Our full-service payments solution simplifies a typically complex payment process for our customers, enabling them to quickly bring their products to market, optimize costs and reduce the number of providers they need to manage their global payments program.”

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