Fiserv debuts mobile cash ordering solution

Services are now easily accessible through a smartphone or tablet.

Fiserv, Inc. a provider of financial services technology solutions has announced  the availability of CorPoint® Mobile, a mobile application which allows merchants already using CorPoint®: Order Manager from Fiserv to now use their tablet or smartphone to order cash from their financial institution, increasing ease of accessibility and use.

Many financial institutions are outsourcing their cash vault services to third-party vendors, which requires their retail customers to use a variety of different telephone numbers, emails and web addresses when placing cash orders. This service has caused financial institutions to lose an important customer touch point. By using CorPoint: Order Manager, all cash orders come through a bank-branded interactive voice response telephone or website.

Financial institutions can offer cash forecasting, real-time credit checks, and self-service wizards for standing orders and user maintenance through the CorPoint website. And once cash orders are placed, they can be passed to third-party vaults at specified times via secure network connections. These services are now easily accessible through a smartphone or tablet with CorPoint Mobile.

“Many merchants run their businesses using mobile devices,” said Louis Layton, director and product manager of treasury and logistic products, Cash & Logistics, Fiserv. “With CorPoint Mobile, merchants have an added convenience to place and review cash orders from the same tablet or smartphone they use to check-out customers and examine inventory levels.”

CorPoint: gives merchants the tracking, forecasting, reconciliation, accountability and mobile options they need to most effectively manage their finances. It can be configured to automatically verify merchants’ credit limits and balances before cash is shipped, forecast order amounts, post debit entries to merchants’ accounts, track deposits and electronically pass order details to cash vault operations and armoured truck providers for delivery.

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