Campus Nation Network and Loop ally to market mobile wallet to universities

Consumers easily load their credit, debit, gift, loyalty, ID, and membership cards.

Campus Nation Network and LoopPay, Inc. have announced a strategic alliance to market mobile digital wallets to university campus communities in North America. 

The partnership between the two companies will create the Campus Loop™ product line, a joint offering for the university and college market that will focus on serving students and faculty as well as the merchants around these communities.

LoopWallet™ is a mobile wallet app that lets consumers easily load their credit, debit, gift, loyalty, ID, and membership cards into a secure memory accessed by their smartphone. Mag stripe card data is stored into a secure Loop™ chip inside a Loop Fob or Loop Charge Case accessory; the chip could eventually be embedded into phones. Through its patent pending Loop Magnetic Transmission (LMT) technology, the card data can be transmitted to existing POS terminals without any hardware or software change.

“Campus Nation Network has a unique and prominent position on university and college campuses,” said Will Graylin, CEO of Loop. “We share a vision to have smartphones act as a complete student wallet which will host transaction payment cards and student ID’s, thus eliminating the need to carry traditional wallets.”

“LoopWallet fully compliments CNN’s strategy to fully serve the university and college markets with smartphone transaction capabilities, coupons and special offers, college specific information, and other services,” said Thomas Kuehle, President of Campus Nation Network. “We are excited to work with Loop’s capable and experienced management team.”

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