Citi launches Payment Risk Management tool for corporate clients

New tool for CitiDirect BE platform

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) have announced the launch of Citi Payments Risk Manager. The tool equips clients with enhanced visibility and control over payment flows by providing aggregated payments data. Moreover, reporting and trend detection capabilities enable clients to investigate potential outlier transactions. The tool has been made available through the award-winning CitiDirect BE platform.

The Citi Payments Risk Manager aggregates payments data across countries, currencies, payment methods and beneficiaries to derive the client’s normal patterns of payment activity and highlight transactions falling outside those trends. The collected data is then presented in a user-friendly dashboard accessible through the CitiDirect BE platform. Customisable reports are also available.

Global Head of Payments and Receivables at Citi, Ebru Pakcan commented: “In today’s business environment, corporations with large, multinational transaction flows, particularly those with shared service centres or BPO units, need improved visibility into their accounts payable processes in order to effectively mitigate risk. Citi Payments Risk Manager is the ideal solution for clients looking for efficient payment trend and outlier detection capabilities.” 

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