Mobile Embrace launches m-Payments in the USA

Expanding its presence

Mobile Embrace Ltd has announced the US expansion of its m-payments business, Convey, with the launch on US mobile carrier Sprint.

Mobile Embrace is launching mobile payments on the US Sprint network enabling easy on mobile payment options for Sprint customers to consume digital products and services aggregated by Convey, and serving mobile consumers increasing demand for digital content “here and now”. The US Sprint network has approximately 53 million mobile customers.

Customer Acquisition will be facilitated by the Company’s Media Trading Desk that can buy and manage mobile advertising globally in real time, all from the Company’s base in Sydney.  The current mobile phone subscriber market in Australia is approximately 23 million.

Customers will be managed via the Company’s proprietary Customer Management Platform that manages mobile billing relationships and product performance.

The technical integration with Sprint is complete and will now move into ‘test and learn’ phase prior to next calendar years anticipated full roll out.  

Mobile Embrace’s m-payments business is now delivering growing revenues and profits in a global market forecast to grow 500% to 2017.


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