Sionic Mobile debuts ION 3.0 loyalty and rewards apps

Expanding platform

Sionic Mobile, an mCommerce company providing mobile gifting, payments and rewards has launched its ION Loyalty and ION Rewards apps for merchants and consumers respectively. The cloud-based ION platform utilizes mobile devices to connect merchants with nearby, ready-to-spend consumers.

ION Loyalty saves merchants up to 75% or more in credit card fees based on transaction amounts, helps increase traffic and high-margin sales, and rewards customers for their repeat business. ION Rewards gives consumers 3% free fuel, rewards them up to 2% instantly at every mobile checkout and gives bonus IONs for buying promoted items, gifting to others and connecting with friends. The free ION apps support iOS and most Android devices.

“The ION Loyalty platform is an incredible innovation for merchants,” said Ronald Herman, Sionic Mobile’s CEO. “We’ve coupled a dynamic point of sale marketing tool with geolocation and two-tap mobile payment acceptance. The solution allows merchants to directly market to customers, drive sales of specific products, seamlessly accept mobile payments and cut credit card fees by 75%.”

“Our consumer-facing app, ION Rewards, has been completely reimagined for optimum customer experience and incentive to use,” said Bob Burroughs, EVP Product Marketing at Sionic Mobile. “IONs spend like cash, so we literally pay consumers to pay with their phones. We’re able to offer consumer incentives like free fuel, portable or transferable rewards, instant gifting and payment options when they download and use the free app.”

“One of the biggest winners in the 3.0 paradigm is financial institutions,” said Herman. “Community banks and credit unions have a real opportunity to partner with local merchants through ION, or they can embed it in their current mobile offering. Revenue from Interchange and debit fees continues to decline. We share revenue earned from ION transactions with our financial institution partners as a way to promote the app and replace lost revenue.”

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