MasterCard launches center to drive inclusive growth around the world

Research center

MasterCard has launched the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth.  The Center will conduct and support academic research and provide strategic philanthropic investments that further sustainable and equitable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world.

More than a billion people live in extreme poverty, and 2.5 billion adults lack access to formal financial services.  While progress is being made, inclusive growth can be the difference, especially for emerging markets, between a volatile economy and one that’s sustainable and sensible in its growth over time.

“MasterCard is launching the Center to provide a focus on delivering the research and philanthropic investments necessary to advance inclusive growth,” said Walt Macnee, Vice Chairman of MasterCard.  “With more people from more countries participating in the global economy than even before, MasterCard believes that inclusive growth is key for economic and social progress.”

“The Center’s Senior Fellows bring independent perspectives on the global economy and globalization, and insights on the key issues and challenges in advancing inclusive growth and prosperity,” said Dr. Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Global Economic Advisor to MasterCard and Chair of the Academic Advisory Council. “Through the Center, we will be able to unlock these insights and publish the findings in an open-source environment as catalysts for action.”

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