Processing Point, Inc. launches mobile payment processing application

New platform

California-based solutions provider Processing Point, Inc. has launched uAccept, its mobile payment processing application. The new mobile app allows businesses to quickly and easily process cash, check or credit and debit card payments from the convenience of an iPhone.

The uAccept mobile payment processing app is designed to help businesses of all sizes minimize the cost of conducting transactions with their customers. The app offers several versatile ways to process payments and generate receipts. For credit and debit card transactions, uAcceptusers can choose to either manually key in a customer’s card number, or they can use uAccept’s magnetic card reader. The card reader is a pocket-sized device that plugs into an iPhone’s audio jack and accepts payment with the swipe of a credit or debit card. The platform also processes and generates receipts for cash and check transactions allowing business owners the ability to keep record of daily and historical sales.

Moreover, the platform is one of the first systems to offer the ability to electronically process checks. This feature enables merchants to electronically deposit checks into their bank account rather than making a separate trip to their bank to make the deposit.

“Our goal is to provide solutions that make things easier and better for our clients, no matter where their business takes place. We live in a mobile world where business takes place on-the-go. Our customers deserve to have the flexibility and convenience of processing payments on-the-go as well and accepting payments via mobile devices is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do so.” said Chad Buckmaster, CEO of Processing Point

“There are a lot of different mobile processing solutions on the market, but what makes uAccept™ different is the fact that there are no 3rd party fees associated with a true mobile merchant account. In addition, we do not have the funding delays and hidden processing limits that you will find in the current market place. This is a prime example of our commitment to both innovation and to our customers,” Buckmaster said.

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