MasterCard backs RBMovil launches in Columbia

Increasing acceptance in Colombia

Columbian electronic payment processing company RBM Redeban Multicolor has launched its RBMóvil device in partnership with MasterCard. This new product allows electronic payments to be accepted through an application installed on a smartphone, enabling more Colombians to accept electronic payments through an innovative solution that is secure and easy to use. Furthermore, the product launch is in line with Colombia’s national policy aimed at increasing financial inclusion.

Merchants and independent professionals that are selling their services or products can begin using RBMóvil to accept payments from their clients. They only need to have a smartphone such as an Android, BlackBerry or an iPhone with internet access, and be affiliated to a Chamber of Commerce and RBM Redeban Multicolor.

“This new technology is focused on making the sales process easier for merchants, direct-sales companies, independent professionals, specialized sales forces, stores and all Colombians who seek payments, other than cash, that are safe and easy to use,” said Juan Carlos Silva, RBM Redeban Multicolor’s Sales Vice President.

 “We are proud to be working closely with Redeban on the launch of its mobile solution, RBMóvil,” said Marcela Carrasco, President of MasterCard Colombia. “This product will increase the acceptance of electronic payments in the country, enabling a variety of merchants and independent professionals to expand their payment options, with all the possibilities and benefits that this offers merchants and cardholders: greater ease, security, and efficiency.”

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