Realex Payments launch new PrestaShop payment solution

Partnering PrestaShop

Realex Payments has partnered with French developer Coccinet and open-source e-commerce software PrestaShop, powering more than 150,000 stores, to launch a solution for online payment processing.

The free module enables a simple and straightforward check out process, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience. Credit card details are stored securely on the Realex Payments’ system, in compliance with PCI rules.

In addition, the module includes a number of fraud management features. Tokenised transactions can be channelled through 3DSecure authentication for extra fraud protection. Before dispatching, merchants can check the security results of the transaction, 3DSecure, address verification and fraud score.

“Realex Payments are excited to bring to market this new PrestaShop module that incorporates many of the unique features our 12,500 merchants already benefit from. PrestaShop’s world-class e-commerce platform and its impressive track record will help Realex Payments deliver its ambitious growth plan.”    Greg Liset, Head of Business Market Sales.

“PrestaShop is really pleased to announce a partnership with Realex Payments, one of the major Payment Providers in Europe. Our English and Irish online stores will now directly include the Realex Payments’ interface, enabling our merchants to benefit from a large range of innovative payment solutions”, says Grégoire Véron, Head of Partnerships at PrestaShop.

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