Oberthur embeds authentication in the Secure Element

enables end-users' biometric identification.

Oberthur Technologies has announced the availability of its ID-One PIV for embedded Secure Element solution (eSE).

The ID-One PIV for eSE solution, designed for government agencies and large companies, offers the same security level currently available with cards on desktops or laptops but in a mobile phone or tablet integrating an embedded Secure Element.

The platform solution is a software suite combining a JavaCard applet loaded into the embedded Secure Element (eSE) and an Android application. It enables end-users’ biometric identification to open doors, sign and encrypt emails or use PIV features for a secure cloud access. This product is an answer to organizations which use PKI2 cards for physical and/or logical access control but which do not know how to properly manage mobility of their employees.

Moreover, the solution combines the latest cryptographic services of the ID-One PIV application with PEARL, OT’s eSE. Thanks to its ID-One PIV and eSE expertise, Oberthur Technologies offers to both corporations and governments a solution which is a combination of hardware, software and identification adapted to the mobile world.

“Compared to the existing solutions using smartcards inserted in external readers attached to the mobile device or with fully software-based technology, OT’s ID One PIV for eSE suite combines the key benefits of an improved user convenience, remote administration capabilities and finally no need for additional external smartcard reader. Moreover, OT offers a fully featured Software Development Kit allowing software companies to secure their cloud-based services with strong authentication and encryption services” said Olivier Prestel, Managing Director of the Identity Business Unit at Oberthur Technologies.

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