VIDEO Exclusive: Pay360 | Market proofing your product with Dave Birch | Gx Conference

The Payment Eye Team were recently invited to the Pay360 Interactive Industry Forum held at the Lancaster London Hotel by Gx. 

Pay360 is the perfect opportunity for industry members to strike up valuable and important collaborative relationships for mutual benefit as well as benefit for the consumer. The workshops acted as a catalyst for debate amongst industry experts to then relay their ideas to a panel during a feedback forum. 

This series covers some on the insights to the conference. Join us as we look at how Pay360 is paving the way for emerging payments. Pay360 challenge how the industry does business, acting as a catalyst for growth and development for your and your clients.

More than 200 people attended this year’s conference to hear from inspirational industry leaders, strengthen existing relationships and make new connections. Pay360 creates a shared vision for the industry, helping you to grow your business.

Gx conducts more research than any other company in payments (over 150 studies to date). Moreover it runs over 50 conference events in four countries each year. Gx is not your ordinary business development consulting firm advising some of the largest and most innovative companies in payments.

Here is Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion’s workshop on market-proofing your product:

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