Allied Wallet now accomodating over 88 million users

Expanding in Asia

Allied Wallet, a provider of online credit card processing and multi-currency merchant services, recently reached 88 million users worldwide with their credit card processing and digital eWallet solutions.

Figures show that their most recent surge in growth can be attributed to their presence in the Asian market.

E-Commerce is booming all over the world and Asia is no exception. China itself reports a population of 1.3 billion, and over 40% of their citizens identify themselves as “internet users.” Many of these internet users in China and all across Asia have become users of Allied Wallet’s services.

As a processor of China Unionpay and a credit card processor that accepts 164 different currencies and payment methods, Allied Wallet has become a significant credit card processing solution in Asia. China Unionpay reports over 2.3 billion cardholders, and Allied Wallet is one of few that can accept these credit cards online.

“I came with the hope of creating something unique and very accommodating for people that they could use and enjoy.” said CEO Andy Khawaja. “My whole philosophy behind my work was to build something beautiful for people to be able to connect in transactions, to be able to buy products from all around the world.”

After surpassing 88 million users globally, Allied Wallet is establishing itself as one of the best payment processing companies in Asia and all over the world. Regardless of language or currency, Allied Wallet has designed a payment solution built for e-commerce and fit for all regions.

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