Diebold introduces cash recycling ATMs

Add cash recycling capabilities to the ATM fleet.

Diebold, Incorporated has announced their adding cash recycling capabilities to the ATM fleet of UniCredit Banca, part of UniCredit Group. A three-year hardware and maintenance services agreement will add approximately 970 Diebold OptevaATMs across UniCredit’s network.

More than half of the terminals will be Opteva Flex PerformanceSeries ATMs featuring deposit automation and full cash recycling capabilities, which enable customer-deposited cash to be reused in future withdrawal transactions.

“Adding cash recycling capabilities to our ATM fleet will help reduce our operational costs and administrative responsibilities by extending the time between ATM replenishments. This welcomed efficiency will allow our staff to focus more attention on our customers,” said UniCredit Bank’s Head of IT Support. “In addition, with the ATMs reusing deposited cash, our self-service channel will be more readily available to serve our customers.”

Using the deposit automation capability of Diebold’s Opteva Flex Performance Series ATMs, customers can complete rapid, envelope-free cash and check deposits. With the implementation of full cash recycling capabilities, the ATMs will also reuse customer-deposited cash for withdrawals, extending UniCredit’s cash cycle and enhancing ATM availability.

To accept and recycle cash, the ATMs validate deposited notes, detect counterfeits, check note fitness, and sort and denominate cash for dispensing.

“With cash capacities three to four times higher than standard deposit automation terminals, Opteva Flex Performance Series ATMs enable cash management efficiencies and promote ATM uptime,” said Dave Wetzel, vice president and managing director, Diebold Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Coupled with cash recycling capabilities, the higher capacity of the ATMs will reduce staffing needs for UniCredit, as well as third-party courier and service costs for managing and replenishing ATMs.”

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