SumAll partners Simplify Commerce by MasterCard

Easy to accept e-commerce and m-commerce.

SumAll, a provider of connected data analytics, has announced a partnership with Simplify Commerce by MasterCard that makes it easy for merchants to accept e-commerce and mobile commerce payments.

SumAll connects data to provide real-time correlations, the service lets operators leverage their data to make better business decisions, improve sales, increase customer service and maximize their profitability.

SumAll measures multiple channels including ecommerce platforms, revenue, digital marketing efforts, even social efforts and web analytics. Seeing all of this data in one place, instead of scattered across each tool’s homepage, helps users see new insights and business strategies.

Adding Simplify Commerce by MasterCard to SumAll’s services offers a new dimension to the company’s powerful range of online and offline data partners that, when analysed together, allow SumAll users to gain unparalleled marketing and business insights.

Simplify Commerce by MasterCard streamlines the process of integrating and accepting electronic payments from all major brands. In minutes, merchants can open an account with Simplify Commerce and begin accepting electronic payments on their online site or mobile device.

“We are so proud to partner with MasterCard, and very excited about what we can provide for merchants together,” said Dane Atkinson, SumAll Chief Executive Officer. “Accepting electronic payments can be a bewildering task for merchants, especially smaller ones. Simplify Commerce removes complexity in a crowded industry.”

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