nTrust partners with Security Bank Corporation for online payments

Partnering Security Bank Corporation

nTrust members will now be able to make secure online bill payments through their nTrust Cloud. The integration with Security Bank Corporation will help thousands of households seamlessly pay bills online with the click of a button.

By offering easy payment options, this essential service helps families gain control of their money. Furthermore, using nTrust’s online bills payment, members can avoid long wait times and enjoy the convenience of paying bills online while traveling or working abroad.

“Our goal is to make moving money as secure and seamless as possible,” says nTrust Founder and CEO Robert MacGregor, “And that includes essential services like bill payments. We want to eliminate the time spent waiting in line to pay bills. Why wait when our members have the option to keep their finances in check from anywhere in the world and better access to their hard-earned funds.”

To launch this brand new service, nTrust is inviting members to enter a month-long “Beat the Bills” contest.

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