Visa and GALERIA Kaufhof start contactless payments

Enabling contactless in Germany

Visa and V PAY contactless payments are possible in all German department stores of GALERIA Kaufhof including the Sportarena stores and DINEA restaurants as of immediately. 3500 new contactless terminals have been installed. This enables customers to pay even more conveniently and faster in the 125 Kaufhof department stores and its subsidiaries in Germany. GALERIA Kaufhof thereby extends its service to a time-saving and customer-friendly alternative: The modern and safe way to pay contributes to ensuring fast cash-point processing.

Contactless payments with Visa are gathering momentum in Germany – Visa Europe and Kaufhof co-operated closely to support this development and we are happy to see that with Kaufhof we have won one of the leading German retailers to support our introduction of contactless payments across the whole of Germany”, says Ottmar Bloching, General Manager of Visa Europe in Germany. More than 1.4 million contactless Visa cards have been issued in Germany to date. Consumers are able to pay contactless and mobile with Visa at more than 1 million cash points in Europe.

Visa and V PAY cardholders will be able to pay mobile and contactless up to an amount of 25 EUR – without PIN or signature. If the amount is higher, the customer authorizes the payment with their PIN or signature. There is no need to hand the Visa card over, the cardholder just holds it briefly in front of the merchant terminal (maximum distance 4 cm). This offers consumers full control and overview of their expenses. Every single transaction is noted on the monthly Visa card statement. When paying with a V PAY contactless card, the debit card of Visa Europe, the amount will be charged directly to the bank account and will be listed on the monthly account statement. 

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