Bitcoin enabled mobile app by Pimovi, Inc. is available now

Launch Bitcoin enabled mobile app.

Pimovi, Inc., a 61%-owned subsidiary of The Chancellor has announced it has released a new Bitcoin enabled mobile app named CamFusion, which is available for download from Apple’s App store.

Consumers, music fans, sports fans and others will be able to make purchases and interact with wearable live & real-time POV video & personalized content through the mobile apps.

The app has been integrated with Bitcoin transaction support, in collaboration with, for in-app payments including a marketplace for exclusive content, merchandise & products.

The technology will give consumers and fans around the world, the ability to look through the eyes of their favourite celebrity from sports to music, live and in real-time. 

Revenue from Pimovi’s CamFusion mobile app comes from in-app purchasing and subscriptions similar to Pay-Per-View and powered by standard currency and Bitcoin digital currency.  Revenue is shared with qualifying participants in the entertainment and sports industry who use wearable POV devices such as Google Glass, Pivothead, GoPro and others. The mobile app technology, protocol and platform are also available to wearable POV hardware partners for licensing.

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