Payelp and Onebip form a partnership

Partner with Onebip.

Payelp Global, an international payment and business development platform has announced a partnership with Onebip by Neomobile, a mobile payment service.

Onebip enables merchants to monetize digital goods and services to their users on a global scale using carrier-billing technology. Onebip has successfully supported the growth of many online gaming and entertainment businesses on mobile with an advanced technology platform. 

Payelp’s merchants include Valve, Skype,, (World of Tanks), Riot Games, iTunes and more. The partnership enables Payelp’s merchants to be able to offer Onebip’s mobile payment service to their merchants, which expands Payelp’s mobile payment solutions.

“We are very pleased to be working with Payelp, a well known e-commerce and business development platform with wide global coverage and top online brands; Onebip’s partnership with Payelp will provide online merchants with the opportunity to maximize their revenue with mobile carrier billing payments and at the same time offer their customers a seamless payment experience,” said Massimiliano Silenzi, Executive Director and Head of Onebip. 

Albert Donahue, CEO of Payelp Global, stated, “Onebip is an experienced global leader-the original leader in mobile payments, and is especially strong in Europe and Latin America; like Payelp, Onebip has global reach with local offices- mobile commerce is growing strong, especially in many emerging regions worldwide and we are pleased to partner with Onebip, offering Onebip’s mobile payment solutions to our merchants.” 

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