Ingenico ship half a million POS terminals in Indonesia

Shipped half a million of POS terminal.

Ingenico has announced that it has reached a new milestone with half a million terminals shipped in Indonesia.

In 2012 the acquisition and successful integration of PT Integra Pratama, Ingenico has expanded its footprint across South East Asia. Ingenico is now the leading terminal supplier in Indonesia and confirmed its position with the four major acquirers, in line with Ingenico’s growth strategy.

“With our superior products and best in class offering, Ingenico has gained a well-deserved reputation as a best-in-class supplier over the years,” commented Andree SANTOSO, Director of PT Ingenico International Indonesia. “Ingenico’s leadership in technology and solutions drives us to innovate and continually advance our offerings. With more than 240 million people in Indonesia, we recognise that there is still significant scalable growth. We thank our customers who have made this achievement possible.” 

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