Montrada GmbH and PaySquare BV merge to establish PaySquare SE

Merger signals expansion intent

German and Dutch companies, montrada GmbH and PaySquare BV are merging as of 1st January 2014 and continuing their operations under the name PaySquare SE. Both companies operate in payment card acceptance and transaction processing and are wholly owned subsidiaries of Equens SE.

PaySquare SE will be headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and will have additional local branches in Frankfurt, Germany, and Warsaw, Poland. BD-POS GmbH, a specialist in terminal logistics and maintenance currently owned by montrada, will be wholly owned by PaySquare SE. The current Board members of montrada and PaySquare will also form the Board of Directors of PaySquare SE.

PaySquare SE processes a total sum of more than EUR4.3bn in credit and debit transactions per annum for 120,000 clients across nine European countries. The company will process 262 million transactions a year and support more than 80,000 terminals.

Harald Maurer, Managing Director of montrada commented: “As one company, we will be able to serve our customers more effectively and respond more rapidly to market developments. Naturally, reliability and quality will remain our primary concerns. With the exception of the new name for German and Polish clients, our customers won’t notice any changes in the initial stages of the merger. However, in the long term they will benefit from a much wider range of options.”

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