Pressat now accepts Bitcoins

Now accepting Bitcoin.

Pressat, a digital service for assisting companies with their public relations needs, has announced that they are accepting the Bitcoin currency as a form of payment.

With Pressat operating as a digital service with no physical operations, the new payment method goes hand in hand with the Bitcoin currency allowing them to accept payments from a wider audience without the need for a centralised banking operation.

The Bitcoin currency has rocketed in value in the last month and is the fastest growing decentralised digital currency in the world.

Pressat has partnered with one of the leading payment service providers specialising in the peer-to-peer virtual currency – Bitcoin, who will handle the customers’ transactions instantaneously.

“We’re proud to be the first public relations company in the UK to accept Bitcoins as a payment method; I believe we are also the worlds first!” Said Max Forrest, Development Director at “It’s an exciting step and I’m sure Bitcoin payments will be widely adopted in the PR industry very shortly due to our announcement.”

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