Visa reminds consumers of important security tips and fraud protections

Offers tips to protect cardholders.

Visa Inc., reminds consumers of important fraud protections for credit and debit cards and offers tips to protect cardholders after a data compromise.

All U.S. consumer Visa credit and debit accounts are protected by Visa’s zero liability policy. Which means account holders won’t have to pay for fraudulent purchases. Consumers should continue to feel confident using Visa whether shopping in stores, online or with a mobile device. 

Visa is reinforcing these important consumer protections through its social media channels and in full-page print advertisements appearing in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and USAToday.

Here some practical steps consumers can take to help protect against fraud:

1. Be on guard

2. Shop with confidence

3. Take precautions

Although fraud rates remain near historic lows, today’s data thieves are dangerous because they don’t just steal money, they steal peace of mind,” said Rosetta Jones, vice president, Visa Inc. “Visa offers many layers of protection to help keep individuals safe, like zero liability. However, engaged consumers also play a critical role in their security.  That’s why Visa is increasing our efforts to educate consumers not only about what Visa offers, but also how consumers can help better protect themselves.”

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