ANNOUNCEMENT: I Love Velvet, Inc. to launch two-way, dual view mPOS products

Evolved its innovative mPOS technology.

I Love Velvet, Inc., a global leader in secure mPOS technology and solutions, has announced the launch of a series customer-facing, DV (Dual View) mPOS models and new proprietary CRM technology further enhancing customer security and the overall shopping experience. Similar to the current Velvet Suite of products, the new DV series of mPOS models will work seamlessly with the latest iPhone, Apple iOS, select Android and Windows devices.

I Love Velvet, Inc. has evolved its innovative mPOS technology to enhance its acclaimed “ILV Brain and Sled” solutions, by creating a new suite of products with an added customer-facing HD display screen featured on the back of the device, which encases iPhone, iOS, Android and Windows tablet devices. The new functionalities and upgrades will revolutionize the mPOS experience by allowing sales and retail professionals to simultaneously confirm secure transaction information and product features directly with the customer while completing multiple, secure payment options (i.e., Credit Card Swipe, Chip & Pin Reader, Bar Code Reader, RDIF/NFC). Retailers can also effectively upsell and cross-sell additional products, as well as communicate targeted promotional and advertising content, based on previous customer buying histories, to a captive audience through the added customer-facing HD display screen.

The “ILV DV mPOS” concept enables connected devices to seamlessly share content and images that can be shared flawlessly through the striking customer-facing HD display screen. Designed with smartphone and tablet mPOS retailers in mind, this innovative customer interface HD display facilitates faster transactions, additional sales and promotional opportunities all designed to solidify customer loyalty. 

Patrick Bouaziz, Chief Visionary Officer for I Love Velvet, commented: “I Love Velvet firmly believes that the future of mPOS lies in effective consumer interaction and with this next phase in I Love Velvet’s offering, we will deliver an incredible shopping experience with our enhanced mPOS features. Most importantly, these innovations will inspire confidence in customers that their personal information is handled in a seamless, secure and professional manner.” 

Customers and retailers can now experience a connected shopping world, through either the upgraded DV capabilities or when using any of the advantages of the mPOS solution’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Like the I Love Velvet’s current line of products, the enhanced mPOS solution allows shared images and transaction receipts to simultaneously be sent straight to email and wireless printers, via a Wi-Fi connection, as soon as the secure transaction is completed on the device. This functionality is built for busy lifestyles and will automatically become the default setting once set up, allowing back up and confirmation of transactions to be completed in an instant.

For more information please visit the I Love Velvet booth to learn more about this future mPOS technology firsthand. The I Love Velvet, Inc. product line will be displayed at the NRF 103rd Annual Convention and Expo on January 13-14 at booth #2344 in the Central Hall of the Jacob J. Javits Convention Center in New York City. 

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