Xoom launches its money transfer service in Vietnam

New market

Xoom Corporation has announced the launch of its money transfer service to Vietnam. This bank deposit service allows Vietnamese Americans to conveniently send money online to any Vietnamese Dong checking account in Vietnam.

“We are thrilled to announce that Xoom is now offering Vietnamese immigrants a very convenient option for sending money to their loved ones in Vietnam,” said John Kunze, President and CEO for Xoom. “The Vietnamese market is relatively underserved in terms of online money transfer service, while many Vietnamese Americans are online and using mobile. With Xoom, Vietnamese Americans can experience safe, convenient and cost-effective digital money transfers, with 24/7 customer service. No waiting in lines or filling out forms.”

 When paying with a bank account, customers can send up to USD2,999 for just USD2.99. Recipients can access their Vietnamese Dong from their bank accounts without risk of keeping money at home or carrying it in the street.

With the addition of Vietnam, Xoom’s money transfer services now reach 31 countries worldwide.

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