KVH partners with Link to provide PCI DSS compliant cloud service

Partnering Link

KVH has launched the cloud service “KVH PCI DSS Ready Cloud” compliant with PCI DSS in partnership with Link. This service combines Link’s PCI DSS compliant cloud service “PCI DSS Ready Cloud” and KVH’s “KVH Private Cloud,” which offers dedicated IT computing environments including dedicated servers, switches and storage, as system infrastructure.

Online shopping with credit card payment continues to increase as online services and credit card point reward programs become more attractive and convenient. Japan’s domestic business-to-consumer e-commerce market expanded to JPY 9.5 trillion in 2012, representing an increase of 12.5% from the previous year. Furthermore, the emergence of services enabling smart-phones to be used as a credit card reader is also allowing small merchants to accept credit card payment regardless of the location.

By leveraging KVH Private Cloud as the system platform, companies can implement their own dedicated environments that meet the strict industry standards faster, simpler, and at a lower cost without having significant investments on software and hardware.

Pricing for KVH PCI DSS Ready Cloud has a one-time installation fee of JPY 1.8 million with a standard recurring monthly charge of JPY 900,000. Companies utilizing this service are able to reduce their installation costs to approximately one-fifth compared to using traditional environments, which would cost approximately JPY 15 million in one-time fees and JPY 1.2 million monthly charges.

“I am very pleased that we are able to partner with Link and offer the KVH PCI DSS Ready Cloud service” said Ikuo Mega, Senior Director, Partner Sales of KVH. “In combining Link’s expertise in PCI DSS and delivering advanced system integration services with KVH’s cloud service capabilities, we believe that we can provide a highly cost effective and operationally efficient integrated solution to our financial service customers.”

“We are very pleased to partner with KVH for this new service offering. By combining our industry specific solutions with KVH’s infrastructure service, which has earned the trust from financial service companies for its high quality, we believe that we can offer new and innovative solutions to our customers,” said Katsuji Magami, Director of Link.


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