Yapital now also available in SportScheck Store

Cross-channel purchasing now available.

SportScheck customers are able to use Yapital for cross-channel purchasing, using different payment method such as online, by invoice and now in the first store. 

Customers shopping at the SportScheck store in Hamburg can now pay with Yapital – and are therefore the first customers in Germany who can use Yapital across all channels. Payments can easily be made by simply scanning a QR code shown on the customer display at the checkout using a smartphone. All of the other SportScheck stores will integrate the new cross-channel payment system in the coming months.

SportScheck was one of the first major retailers to integrate Yapital as a payment method in its online store. However since December, it has been possible to pay invoices of the multi-channel sports dealer by scanning a QR code. Starting in the Hamburg store, Yapital users can now experience at SportScheck the full capabilities of a true cross-channel payment system, and the associated benefits.

“SportScheck realized the potential offered by Yapital from the very beginning and immediately integrated it online. We are therefore very happy about it now being available in the first SportScheck store,” comments Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board of Yapital. “After all it is for exactly this reason – i.e. that users can pay with a single, convenient payment method via all channels – that we developed Yapital as a payment method suitable for all situations.”

Stefan Herzog, the spokesperson for the SportScheck management team, adds: “When it comes to sportswear and sports equipment, innovation, functionality and convenience play an important role. This also applies for the sales service offered. Yapital is a perfect match for SportScheck, as it helps make shopping and payment quick and straightforward for our customers. We are the first retailer to offer Yapital both in-store and online – there by highlighting our pioneering role as Germany’s leading multi-channel sports retailer.”

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