Fiserv brings gamification to bill pay in the new version of CheckFree RXP

Adds new features to CheckFree RXP.

Fiserv, Inc. has announced that is has added several innovative features to its flagship CheckFree RXP electronic bill payment service, incorporating gamification principles to make the bill payment process more engaging.

While the vast majority of U.S. households use online banking, only about 40% of online banking users also pay their bills at their bank or credit union’s website, leaving substantial room for growth. Through consumer research, Fiserv has found that the initial set-up process has a significant impact on consumer use and satisfaction with electronic bill payment. The research suggested that when consumers felt unsure of how to complete initial tasks, they had little confidence in the solution and were less likely to use it to pay a high volume of bills.

A number of changes have been made to restructure the CheckFree RXP user interface to deliver a cleaner, more modern and intuitive user experience.

Several gamification techniques – taking elements of electronic games, such as how they flow or how they are designed, and applying them to non-game applications – were used in order to instill confidence in the user during their first interaction with the product.

“Gamification has proven successful in getting and keeping consumers engaged in an electronic environment,” said Tom Allanson, division president, Electronic Payments, Fiserv. “Adapting these principles to financial services and incorporating them into electronic bill payment initiates an intuitive experience that makes the service more compelling to new users, and has significant potential to increase adoption and use of bill pay via online banking.”

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