Square to launch in Australia

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Square has begun preparations to launch its services in Australia according to reports in the space.

Square provides a credit card reader for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, allowing consumers to accept credit cards while on-the-go. The Square Card Reader plugs into the headphone jack of smartphone or tablets and enables individuals and businesses to begin accepting payments. The Square Register application for the iPad serves as a point of sale system for businesses to accept payments, track inventory, share menu and location information as well as provide discounts and rewards.

Local retailers and merchants in Australia will soon be able to use the mobile payments platform to accept payments on the go. The news is very significant considering the Reserve Bank of Australia’s plans to build a new inter-bank hub, aimed at making innovation in payments more feasible. Square’s arrival in the market will cause considerable waves and disruption in the space 

Square’s San Francisco-based director of product communications and marketing Khobi Brooklyn declined to comment on when the company will launch in Australia, saying she was not yet in a position to confirm any more than that Australia was “a market the company is looking in to.”

“We continue to look into expanding our presence around the world. Australia’s focus on growing its local economy and its appreciation for technology makes it a compelling market, however we have nothing further to announce at this time,” Ms Brooklyn said.

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