London buses to become cashless this year

Cashless network

According to reports, London buses will become cashless from this summer. TfL points to the Oyster card as the reason the nymber of cash fares on buses will fall to less than 1% this year.

This is a significant drop from the previous proportion of 20% of journeys being aid with cash a decade ago.

In addition to the above, TfL will be introducing a new feature dubbed ‘one more journey’. It will allow passengers to make one more bus journey if there are insufficient funds on their Oyster card. The decision is in light of a public consultation last year in which 37,000 traveller responded.

The idea was first proposed with concerns about the impact on vulnerable people and the lack of top up places in outer London for the Oyster card. As a result pasengers with less than the single bus fare (GDP1.45) but a positive balance one their card will be allowed to make one more journey before having to add futher credit. 

A review of the Oyster Ticket Stop network is currently under way to determine if additional locations – with a focus on outer London – can be identified.

Last December buses began to accept payment via contactless debit cards with a view to gradually roll the service out across the London travel network. 

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