Medical Greens announces launch of Janes Card

Launches Janes Card.

SK3 Group, Inc’s subsidiary Medical Greens has announced that it has officially launched its Janes Card. The Janes Card is a universal benefits-based prepaid card along with a payment solution and rewards program that is intended to build customer loyalty for all retailers that accept it throughout California.  

The card will be distributed by the Company directly in a large-scale marketing effort. Customers will be able to update their Janes Card account online or through a dedicated telephone number. The card is being rolled out in California first, with a goal of a much wider rollout soon. The Company is now allowing retailers to sign up as vendors.

“Achieving this milestone is an important accomplishment for the Company. The Janes Card will facilitate in-network retailers in receiving payments, building important data from which targeted marketing can be created, developing brand loyalty among customers, and otherwise making it easier for retailers and their customers to transact business,” said Company President Artemus Mayor. “The loyalty program, whereby consumers will be able to earn points for their transactions and redeem them for discounts or other loyalty based rewards, is revolutionary in this business and we are confident that it will transform the way patients purchase their medication. The Janes Card is an integral component of our related online program at, allowing patients to order and receive their medication from the comfort of their own home and receive credit for it toward future purchases, while assisting retailers in targeting their product offerings.”

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