Jumio launches ID scanning product Fastfill

Jumio, Inc., the mobile payments and credentials management company, has announced the availability of Jumio Fastfill, a quickly-integrated service that automates key entry of personal customer information in mobile apps, providing way for consumers to open accounts, complete web registration forms, and remove friction from the check-out process.

With Fastfill businesses can improved their transaction completion rates, while creating a differentiated user experience in their apps.

Some of Fastfill features include:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Easy integration
  • Secure standards
  • Fast transactions
  • Customisable and comprehensive
  • Cross platform

“Consumer behaviour on mobile devices is maturing and now its commonplace for us to apply for loans, and open a bank or brokerage account on our phones – indeed more than a third (37%) of Europeans are already using mobile banking. However, latest research shows that nearly half (45%) of UK adults have abandoned all online transactions due to frustration over the length and complexity of the identity validation and security checks. Today though leading businesses are recognising that they can create superior customer experiences and complete more transactions by leveraging the power of the smart devices we carry.” said Daniel Mattes, founder and CEO Jumio.

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