FIS joins forces with Microsoft to advance Cybersecurity

FIS, a provider of banking and payments technology has announced its selection by Microsoft as a partner in the fight against cybercrime. The global companies signed a partnership agreement at Microsoft’s Cybercrime Enforcement Summit in Redmond, Washington.

Under the agreement, FIS will work with forensic analysts, software developers and researchers at the Microsoft Cybercrime Centre. The main aim of the partnership is to increase cooperative action between international law enforcement and private industry to help improve the security of payments and financial transactions worldwide and make the Internet a safer place to do business.

“FIS has a leading role in setting and maintaining security standards for the financial services industry worldwide,” said Greg Montana, EVP and chief risk officer, FIS. “Cybersecurity has no end state and we embrace the opportunity to work collaboratively with industry leaders such as Microsoft to continually advance and further strengthen the banking and payments industry for financial institutions and their customers across the globe.”

“We’re pleased to tap into FIS’ Cybersecurity expertise in our joint efforts to fight cybercrime,” said David Finn, executive director and associate general counsel, Microsoft Cybercrime Center. “We think their experience and knowledge will be invaluable as we work together to detect, pursue, and dismantle criminal organizations around the world.”

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