MasterCard and Uber offering priceless surprise on Valentine’s Day

MasterCard cardholders and Uber are being given the opportunity to share a personal sky-written message to their loved ones this Valentine’s Day through two unique promotions. Others will be surprised and delighted when they discover they are one of 2000 people that will have the price of their Uber ride paid for by MasterCard as part of its Priceless Surprises campaign.  It’s all part of an initiative between MasterCard and Uber to bring cardholders in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco something unique and special this coming holiday. How does it work? With planes ready to go, MasterCard will sponsor the launch of UberSky which is a one-day promoting giving user the chance to deliver a personal on demand sky-writing service, valued at USD10,000, to their loved ones for USD500.00.  Users who purchase the offer will be able to have a personal message delivered in the sky within 30 minutes of ordering through the Uber app. To make the most of this promotion, users must download the Uber application and request the UberSky option between 10am-6pm local time on Friday, February 14. Once you have decided on your twelve character message an Uber representative will be in touch to confirm. As an added surprise, MasterCard cardholders that use the on-demand UberSky experience will get the $500.00 fee waived by MasterCard that same day. Simultaneously, and independent of the UberSky promotion, MasterCard will be giving away 12 unique Skywriting experiences, via AirSign, to cardholders through a social media give-away as part of its Priceless Surprises campaign. Cardholders, based in select cities, who engage with the #PricelessSurprises hashtag on Twitter from now until February 14th will be randomly selected and offered the chance to deliver a personal sky-written message to a loved one. Both Skywriting promotions will be available in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Diego. Additionally, on February 14th MasterCard will be offering cardholders up to 2,000 free Uber rides across the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco up to twenty dollars each with the use of a MasterCard. When you use Uber app and your MasterCard to pay for the ride, 500 people per city will get a surprise at the end the day when MasterCard picks up the tab.

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