Tyfone announces Fluide Mobile banking

Tyfone, a secure ID and transaction provider, has announced the launch of the Fluide Mobile banking platform. Fluide Mobile brings branded mobile apps in a cost effective and rapid manner, they also further enhanced by Tyfone’s leadership in secure ID and transaction processing.

“We are excited to bring Fluide Mobile to market,” says Mark Miyamoto, Tyfone’s director of sales for mobile banking. “We have closed the gap between the haves and have-nots by enabling any financial institution to rapidly and cost effectively offer mobile services to their account holders. More importantly, we are offering a platform that can be leveraged for adding enhanced services, such as Remote Check Deposit, Mobile Marketing and Messaging, P2P Payments, and Mobile Payments at the point-of-sale (EMV) to accommodate the financial institution’s mobile strategy when applicable.”

“Fluide Mobile is a culmination of technology, strategy and market need and I am very pleased that the Tyfone team, with its banking partners, is launching the Fluide Mobile platform for small financial institutions on this platform with this announcement,” says Dr. Siva Narendra, CEO of Tyfone. “Fluide Mobile showcases Tyfone’s versatile and secure u4ia mobile transaction platform that has already processed over 30 million financial transactions. While we are starting to deploy Fluide Mobile for financial services this platform will be used to rapidly and cost-effectively mobilize assets securely in other industries as well.”

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