WEX provides mobile application for TelaPoint users

WEX will offer the WEX TelaPoint mobile application for its TelaPoint users. The solution will provide users with the ability to access key functions from mobile devices.

The TelaPoint product is part of the WEX Fuel Management product suite, which is designed to help optimize fuel purchasing for fuel retailers, wholesalers and commercial fleets.

The platform helps fuel outlets and fleets seamlessly manage inventory, forecast delivery projections and plan orders. TelaPoint automates data collection to support a variety of tank gauge and accounting system processes, such as calculating hourly or daily usage history and usage trends.

The WEX TelaPoint mobile application extends WEX Fuel Management’s suite of cloud-based software to mobile devices. Users can view inventory-managed site details including order specifics, tank statistics and graphs, inventory readings, alert information and delivery information.

The TelaPoint product provides an effective communication architecture that brings more efficient business processes, cost savings and valuable business intelligence throughout each stage of the supply chain. Convenience stores, fuel outlets and fuel suppliers can increase company efficiencies and improve buying and administrative operations.

“We are excited to provide TelaPoint users with access to our application from their mobile devices,” said Tom Wagner, director, WEX Fuel Management. “The application captures the most highly relevant data and functionality we have, providing users the ability to access key functionality from mobile devices. We believe that this will be a great addition to the WEX Fuel Management’s customers’ toolset and will be well received by those who support the 24X7, 365 day a year fuel business.”

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