Live Gamer incorporates MasterCard MasterPass

Live Gamer, Inc. (LGI) has partnered with MasterCard to incorporate MasterPass, a digital payments service that allows consumers to use any payment card or enabled device to discover an enhanced shopping experience.

This will provide LGI’s customers with a secure payment option via the web or on a mobile device. Shoppers can pay for the things they want with a click of a mouse, touch of a tablet or tap of a smartphone.  Shoppers’ preferred payment and shipping information is securely stored within the digital service, which is readily accessible when they click on the ‘Buy with MasterPass’.

“MasterPass was developed to meet the evolving payment needs of the new digital commerce ecosystem in which consumers expect the same secure and convenient payment experience regardless of where or when they’re making a purchase.” said Ed Olebe, Group Head, U.S. Emerging Payments, MasterCard.

“When it comes to digital content, consumers are extremely particular in getting what they want, when they want it. The greatest benefit of working with MasterPass means that we’re able to remove the complications from the transaction process so that the consumer can get what they want faster, which is a top priority for the content provider.” said Andrew Schneider president and co-founder of Live Gamer.

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