UOL BoaCompra expands to Colombia and Peru

UOL BoaCompra has announced it has launched an online games market in Colombia and also Peru.

With the launch of these two markets, UOL BoaCompra now offers 34 new additional local payment methods including the company’s own currency, BoaCompra GOLD, which will enable international game companies to access a growing online population.

Colombia’s internet rate has grown to 55% of the total population, while Peru’s internet rate has increased 10% over the past year to 36%; demonstrating room for further growth in e-commerce. However, a staggering 90% of those online do not have access to international credit cards in these markets to make purchases online.

“After really taking the time to understand the realities of each market; running our own market research, gathering feedback and using that analysis towards implementing the best solution – we are now able to cover 99% of the online market in both Colombia and Peru.” said Fernando Estevez Vazquez, former PayPal employee and Head of International Payments & Strategy at UOL BoaCompra.

“This expansion creates an incredible opportunity for our partners to start investing in these countries, because they can really monetize and channel their products there; we are talking about 90% more coverage on average than international credit cards.” said Julian Migura, Global Director of Business Development, UOL BoaCompra.

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