nTrust members can use globe GCash to upload to their cloud money account

nTrust a provider of mobile money transfer solution, has announced through its partnership with DragonPay they can now provide a direct and instant method for GCash account holders to upload money into their nTrust Cloud. GCash is a virtual wallet offered by Globe Telcom, a Philippines’ telecom company.

nTrust gives members complete control over their funds, enabling money transfers, bills payments, uploads and withdrawals, and the new integration with GCash adds further convenience.

Members who select to upload funds via GCash will be redirected to Dragonpay where they enter their 11-digit globe mobile number to have funds instantly appear in their nTrust Cloud.

“We are extremely excited to expand our services and upload options,” says Rod Hsu, CXO at nTrust. “The service will provide members with broader access to use and move their money as they see fit, giving them the financial freedom they deserve.”

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