Payelp introduces new payment and business platform called ePrime Global

Payelp has announced the introduction of their new payment and business platform, ePrime Global. The platform will improve payment coverage worldwide, service to merchants and payment partners.

The new platform will help the speed and security of payment transactions within the Payelp system for all transactions. Payelp helps online retailers and businesses earn revenue in other regions around the world through global partners and local regional offices. Payelp also offers online retailers and business owners the ability to take their products and services globally without having a local office or knowledge of that market and the new platform will help online business owners get their share of the global Internet marketplace.

“We have been working diligently on this new ePrime Global platform for our merchants and we are excited for the possibilities and opportunities it holds for current and future merchants and payment partners- our system will now be even better, with more seamless transactions and a well-designed payment dashboard and tools for merchants to use to view their transactions and data.” stated Payelp CEO Albert Donahue.

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