McDonald’s rolls out Seamless mobile payments in Sweden

Mobile payment solution, SEQR is now available at McDonald’s restaurants across Sweden. Customers can make purchases by scanning the unique QR-code displayed at the checkout and then enter their personal PIN-code.

The solutions can be applied to almost all payment methods, including in-store, e-commerce and mobile. McDonald’s has in the forefront of digital initiatives and has become one of the first companies to integrate SEQR in its own app.

“Today 65% of Swedes uses a smartphone and many companies have developed their own apps in an attempt to meet consumer demand and create brand loyalty. However, these apps have until now not had the possibility of integrating the actual consumer payments. Like McDonald’s, restaurants and other merchants have the opportunity to integrate SEQR in their apps. Online magazines, for example, can easily sell content directly to consumer via their mobiles.” says Anders Forssten, Global Marketing Manager for Seamless.

“We always want to deliver the best service to our guests, both in our restaurants and in our app. The app already included information on offers and our menu, complete with nutrition and allergy information, and engaging campaigns. Now our Swedish guests can also make smooth and fast payments through the app.” says Kajsa Dahlberg, Head of Digital Engagement for McDonald’s Sweden.

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