GameAnax and introducing real money tournaments into skill games

GameAnax have announced a partnership with, a global monetisation platform that enables game developers and publishers to integrate real cash tournaments into their games.

GameAnax is a fast growing game development studio based in Sugar Land, Texas with a number of successful iOS and Android games. allows mobile game developers to integrate skill-based player vs player cash tournaments into their games, helping engage users and increase revenue. It also allows developers to earn up to 60% of the revenue generated from every completed cash tournament.

Jarrod Epps, CEO of, said: “We are very excited about our partnership with GameAnax and can’t wait to see our monetization model in practice with a quality title like Go Karts. Achieving high revenue from free-to-play games is never easy and it usually comes at a cost of distracting your users with advertising and in-app purchases. We believe that our partnership with GameAnax will help to make other developers aware of our alternative, totally unobtrusive method to making money on their titles.”

Kalpesh Parohit, Head – Mobile Gaming at GameAnax said: “ offers a much needed monetization solution that will not only help drive game revenue but also create an additional game mode for our users. The most important factor was that they have become the only provider of cash tournaments to receive approval from Apple. In addition, have a global reach, a variety of payment systems for our players, they take care of all the legality requirements like no other cash platform out there.”

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