Bluefin Payment Systems and HMSHost partner for P2PE platform solution

Global restaurateur HMSHost will soon begin implementing Bluefin’s PayConex  P2PE solution at various restaurant locations at airports.

Bluefin became the first US-based company this week to receive PCI validation for their P2PE Solution. The PayConex P2PE encrypts credit and debit card data in a secure point of entry device before it is transmitted into a merchant’s POS, ensuring that clear-text cardholder data does not reach the merchant’s systems and networks where it could be exposed to malware.

HMSHost is part of Autogrill, the world’s largest provider of food, beverage and retail services for travelers. HMSHost serves over 100 airports worldwide and 99 turnpike travel plaza stops in North America, bringing travelers exciting food and beverage options, all backed by the highest level of security and reliability.

“Travelers look to HMSHost to provide a superb experience, from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they receive their bill and swipe their credit card,” said Tom Fricke, CEO of HMSHost. “We are continually seeking ways to better serve our customers – and securing their payment information is at the top of the list. PayConex P2PE helps us achieve that goal with a point-to-point encryption solution that is completely PCI validated.”

Bluefin will work directly with HMSHost to install the P2PE units and launch the security service starting early 2014.

“We are very excited to partner with HMSHost to bring PayConex P2PE to their locations,” said John M. Perry, CEO of Bluefin Payment Systems. “Point-to-Point Encryption has been recognized by the payments industry as a major step forward in protecting cardholder data from breaches. HMSHost is not only an industry leader in creative innovative dining locations, but also a leader in arming those locations with innovative security.”

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