Wirecard expands mobile wallet platform through HCE technology

Wirecard has integrated host card emulation (HCE) into its mobile wallet platform.

Wirecard is enabling banks, retailers, telecommunications companies and financial service providers to quickly enter the mobile payment market through NFC.

“HCE will help further distribute NFC technology in the field of mobile payment as it is opening up this market to different players, allowing them to operate more quickly and flexibly in future,” said Markus Braun, CEO of Wirecard AG, “Through the integration of HCE technology into our mobile wallet platform, we are once again demonstrating our innovative strength in the area of online technology.”

“With our future-proof solutions, we are consistently driving forward the extensive distribution of mobile payment services in collaboration with our partners. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions for a mobile, cashless future” Added Markus Braun.

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