Yapital and Worldline partner to target German market

Yapital and Worldline have announced a partnership to open a cross-channel payment system.

The new cross-channel payment system will enable retailers with card terminals to receive payments via smartphones using their network operator. Yapital has plans for the new system to be available everywhere and become the standard for mobile payments throughout Germany.

In the partnership, Worldline will enable the technical processing of Yapital payments via its existing card payment infrastructure.

“In Worldline, Yapital has the number one service provider for card-based payments on its side. This means that for the first time, it is possible to offer a standardised mobile payment method for the entire retail sector,” says Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board of Yapital. “This will fuel new competition in this segment. In future, customers will expect to be able to pay in-store using their smartphone.”

Wolf Kunisch, CEO of Worldline Germany & CEE, adds: “Yapital is an extremely well-conceived solution. It has got off to a very good start and is one of the most promising mobile payment systems. We are convinced that it has the best chance of establishing itself as the leading player on the mobile payment market. We are therefore delighted to support Yapital in every respect on its way to becoming the standard.”

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