Small business tourism sales increase with cashless technology

With the growing competition to capture small business tourism sales, entreprenuers in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are looking to cashless technology to differentiate themselves and improve service to their customers.

“International travelers have come to expect debit or credit card payment options; many of them are used to paying with plastic in their home country and don’t like to carry cash,” said Gabriel Alvarez, Executive VP of Market Development for MasterCard LAC. “More and more merchants in the region are noticing this trend and making the switch in order to better cater to the tourist’s needs. Not having the card payment option can represent the loss of a sale, so it’s encouraging to see more merchants adopting the technology.”

The following story reflecst how a microbusiness owner from Brazil has leapfrogged their competition and strengthened their business by accepting electronic payments – not to mention making tourists and travelers happy, by offering a safe and convenient cashless payment option:

Mauro Joppert – small business owner of the kiosk “Coisa de Carioca” in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His food kiosk was the first to accept electronic payments on the beach.


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