Ciphrex launches Bitcoin wallet

Ciphrex, a California startup company, has launched Bitcoin Vault – a  secure software wallet for Bitcoin transactions and account management. Bitcoin Vault is the first bitcoin wallet supporting shared multi-signature account management using deterministic keychains.

Eric Lombrozo, Ciphrex Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer, indicated, “Security is the primary consideration for financial transactions, so we’ve focused our efforts in making the use of digital currencies secure. The multi-signature feature makes Bitcoin Vault  suitable for enterprise applications by enforcing company policies at the cryptographic level and avoiding any single point of failure.”

Digital currency transaction processing is an exciting new field that will revolutionize the way payments are initiated and settled globally, at a more fundamental level, at Ciphrex we are working to develop the payment network infrastructure needed to bridge the gap between digital and conventional currencies while exploring entirely new applications these technologies allow that had up until now been impossible.” he added.

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